Storing and Preserving Family Photographs

It is important to consider the relative benefits of preserving your important family records in a digital or analog format.

While digital media has the ability to last very long durations, the software, operating systems, file formats and indeed hardware will become obselete very quickly or may simply fail. In other words, the readability of the digital media will expire relatively quickly without proper maintenance.

Therefore, take great care of your digital media.

On the other hand, the photo and it's container, the photo album do not require any special device to read them. They are accessible to anyone, can easily be shared or transported and are relatively archival. Witness any one who has the pleasure of looking at old family photos.

Personally, I am very concerned that there will be significant gaps in family histories that rely entirely on digital media, despite their many advantages.

This is a complex subject. One can argue the benefits of digital media, which are considerable. However, the "old fashioned" photograph still stands as a reliable archival document.

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